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PBCMS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uniting physicians to serve the common interest of the profession, developing and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards of the medical profession, advocating the interests of physicians and their patients, and collaborating with others to improve the community’s health.

COVID-19 Resource Center

As part of our ongoing commitment, we have launched the new COVID-19 Resource Center, which includes a dedicated section on our website with a host of information critical during this crisis.  In addition, we remain available 24/7 to answer your calls. A dedicated PBCMS staff member will be taking calls during business hours, and you can leave messages at other times.  We are committed to returning every call within 24 hours.

We know you have a lot of questions surrounding new programs from Medicare and the SBA. Our team of experts stand ready to help you through the morass of requirements, documents and applications. 

In addition to the Resource Center, we will continue to offer on-going Webinars on timely topics to help your practice remain strong. Please watch for emails with invitations to both regular and special events. 

As you’ll see on our website at www.pbcms.org, the dedicated COVID-19 Resource Center, which will be updated and expanded regularly, now offers:

  • Practice management resources and guidance related to all aspects of a physician practice, including access to advanced payments or emergency loans (e.g. CMS Accelerated Advance Payment Program or SBA funds), financial advice, legal support, compliance guidance, IT, personnel, even insurance issues.
  • A daily synopsis of critical COVID-19 news related specifically to physicians and health care professionals
  • Support for quickly and cost-effectively setting up new services, such as telemedicine
  • Timely updates on access to critical supplies, such as personal protective equipment
  • Updates on availability of testing sites and screening protocols
  • Wellness education resources for handling anxiety or other mental health issues
  • A list of local and national educational resources for physicians and health care professionals
  • Calendar of special educational events, such as audio townhalls or Webinars sponsored by the PBCMS and others. 
Click here for COVID-19 Resource Center

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