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FMA News

Mandatory controlled substance prescribing CME course now online

The state-mandated Controlled Substance Prescribing Required CME Course for DEA registrants is now available in the FMA’s online course catalog. A new state law (HB 21) requires all Florida-licensed healthcare practitioners who are registered with the DEA and authorized to prescribe controlled substances to take the course. HB 21 will go into effect on July 1, 2018. 

  Or — take the course live

You can also take the Controlled Substance Prescribing Required CME Course live at the following FMA events (preferred pricing exclusively for members):

Get up to speed on HB 21

HB 21 will have a significant impact on your ability to practice medicine. Read the FMA’s summary of the new law to make sure you understand the requirements and penalties for noncompliance. Members who want more information about HB 21 can contact the FMA General Counsel’s Office at (800) 762-0233.


PBCMS Board of Directors Physician Statements 

Click here to read the PBCMS Board of Directors Physician Statement on Gun Violence 

Click here to read the PBCMS Board of Directors Opioid Position Statement  

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