2017 Board of Directors

Shawn Baca, MD

Brandon Luskin, MD
Chair, Council on Advocacy & Legislation

Marc Hirsh, MD
First Vice-President
Chair, Council on Member Services

Larry Bush, MD

Robert Tomé, MD
Chair, Council on Finance & Administration

James Goldenberg, MD
Immediate Past President

Roger Duncan, MD
Member at Large/Chair, Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

Andrew Berkman, MD
Member at Large

Stephen Babic, MD

Ben Childs
Medical Student

Kleper de Almeida, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Finance & Administration

Michael T.B. Dennis, MD
PBCMS Services Liaison

James Heron, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Member Services

Henry M. Haire, MD
Chair, Council on Medical Education

Hitesh Kapupara, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Advocacy and Legislation

Krishna Kishore, MD
Chair, Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

Ekaterina Kostioukhina, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Communications and Technology

Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, MD
Chair, Council on Communications & Technology

Stefan Pasternack, MD
Physician Wellness

Alan Pillersdorf, MD
FMA/AMA Liaison

Jinendra Satiya, MD

Ronald Zelnick, MD
Med/Legal Committee

Jack Zeltzer, MD
Chair, By-Laws Committee