2018 Board of Directors

Brandon Luskin, MD

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Marc Hirsh, MD
Chair, Council on Advocacy & Legislation

Larry Bush, MD
Chair, Council on Member Services

Robert Tomé, MD
Secretary/ Chair, Council on Communications & Technology

Roger Duncan, MD
Chair, Council on Finance & Administration

Shawn Baca, MD
Immediate Past President

Stephen Babic, MD

Andrew Berkman, MD
Member at Large/Chair, Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

Berna Buyukozturk
Medical Student, Council on Medical Education

Dawn Davanzo, MD
Member at Large Vice Chair Council on Advocacy and Legislation

Kleper de Almeida, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Advocacy and Legislation

Michael T.B. Dennis, MD
PBCMS Services Liaison

James N. Goldenberg, MD
Physician Leadership Academy

Henry M. Haire, MD
Chair, Council on Medical Education

James Heron, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Member Services

Hitesh Kapupara, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Finance & Administration

Milad Khoury, MD
Resident, Council on Medical Education

Krishna Kishor, MD
Chair, Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

Ekaterina Kostioukhina, MD
Vice-Chair, Council on Communications & Technology

Claudia Mason, MD
Chair, Women Physicians

Stefan Pasternack, MD
Chair, Physician Wellness

Leslie Perla, MD
Vice-Chair, Women Physicians

Alan Pillersdorf, MD
FMA/AMA Liaison

Ronald Zelnick, MD
Chair, Med/Legal Committee

Jack Zeltzer, MD
Chair, By-Laws Committee


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