PBCMS Council on Legislation

The PBCMS Council on Legislation works to represent the best interests of physicians and their patients through advocacy and partnership with the Florida Medical Association, American Medical Association, and the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.  The Council reviews proposed  legislation and recommends appropriate action to the Board of Directors, maintains surveillance over the legislation scene anticipates future legislative needs; and monitors the development and issuance of local state and federal health care regulations.

Physician Advocacy

One of the most important roles of physician leaders at the County Medical Association/ Society is to
educate and inform physicians on the legislative and regulatory issues affecting the practice of medicine and quality of care.

Each organization coordinates with Florida Medical Association, American Medical Association, and other organizations to fight for legislation that protects patients and safeguards physicians' ability to practice medicine. We are committed to the passage of laws that improve medicine, and to the defeat of proposals that would undermine physicians and harm patients. There are several opportunities for becoming engaged in advocacy at the county level.

Each County organization has a process for identifying issues, proposing or supporting legislation and candidates for elected office*.

The FMA House of Delegates is the legislative and business body of the FMA. Its members are the officers of the FMA, the elected members of the Board of Governors, and the delegates officially elected by the component societies, specialty societies, Specialty Society Section, Young Physicians Section, Medical Student Section, Resident & Fellow Section and the FMA Alliance. The House meets annually as determined by the FMA Board of Governors. Each County Medical Society selects members to serve as Delegates to the FMA. This is based on number of members. The Annual Meeting occurs in August to consider resolutions and reports submitted by delegates. Together representatives (delegates) of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County form the South Florida Caucus and address issues of interest to Palm Beach County.

It is through this process that we can bring issues to the FMA. Many issues will become lobbying points with the Florida House and Senate and the American Medical Association

Political Action Committees (PAC)

Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County each have a Political Action Committee ( PAC) The goal is to support and elect pro-medicine candidates at the state and local levels. Every year, there are critical legislative votes made in Tallahassee that have a major impact on the practice of medicine. The PAC has proven to be an asset in educating legislators about the concerns of medicine. Each PAC operates independently. The FMA PAC, is the political arm of the Florida Medical Association.

  1. How does your Association solicit ideas from members or legislative issues? PBCMS solicits from members and board of directors. 
  2. How does your organization determine legislative priorities? Legislatives priorities are determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. How can a member become engaged in the legislative process? Join Council on Advocacy & Legislation, Participate in Palm Beach County Days, Attend State of Medicine Dinner, Join PAC, visit legislators.
  4. Do you have a Legislative Committee? Yes
  5. What process does your Association take to educate and engage legislators when they are in Tallahassee or Washington? Legislative visits in Palm Beach County, Tallahassee and DC, invitations to events, developing relationship with legislative assistants. 
  6. Does your Association have a Political Action Committee? Yes
  7. How are decisions made on political contributions? Political Action Committee Board of Directors.
  8. Do you have info on your website you would like to share? Yes. You can visit our website at 


1. Participate in county activities

2. Sign Up for Call-to Action-Alerts

3. Attend Legislative Advocacy Events

4. Get to Know Your Elected Officials

5. Be a Resource for Legislators and your patients by offering your expertise and experience.

6. Become a Delegate

7. Contribute to PAC

8. Host a Local Fundraiser


Florida House of Representatives   

Florida Senate

Florida Medical Association

American  Medical Association

Florida Congressional Delegation


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