Staff Directory 

Kelly Skidmore, CEO
[email protected]
Extension 104 

Deanna Lessard
Director of Member Services & Physician Wellness
[email protected]
Extension 105
Staff contact:
Council on Medical Education
Council on Membership (Includes: Physician Inclusiveness & Employed Physicians)
Council on Physician Wellness
Women Physicians
Retired Physicians 

Mindi Tingler
Director of Communications
[email protected]  
Extension 107   
Staff contact:
PBCMS Board of Directors
COVID-19 Task Force
Council on Advocacy & Legislation
Council on Communications & Technology
Council on Ethics & Judicial Affairs 

Mindy Gonzalez
Director of Finance and Administration
[email protected]
Extension 102                                                
Staff contact: Council on Finance & Administration

John James
Director of Public Health & Disaster Services
[email protected]
Extension 118 

Katherine Zuber
Director of Membership Development & Events
[email protected]
Extension 106
Staff contact: PBCMS Services 

Yoliet Guerra
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Extension 100 

Project Access 

Karen Harwood
Director of Community Programs
[email protected]
Extension 119

Angelica Cervantes
Lead Project Access Care Coordinator
[email protected]
Extension 115

Pamela Richards
Project Access Care Coordinator
[email protected]
Extension 117 

Olga Sierra
Outreach Care Coordinator Breast and Cervical Cancer Patient Navigator
[email protected]
Extension 123