Council on Advocacy & Legislation 

The Council on Legislation shall review proposed laws and rules pertaining to medicine and taking action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization and profession, work with the FMA to coordinate legislative activities, maintain and promote close relationships with elected officials, keep members informed with regard to legislation which may or will possibly affect the practice of medicine.

Council Members:

Co-Chair – Kleper de Almeida, MD                  

Co-Chair – Kishor Krishna, MD                                                

Ayesha Abid

Anskush Bansal, MD

Andrew Berkman, MD

Kushinga Bvute

Stephen Babic, MD

Oscar Hernandez         

Collin Hickey                                                  

Sohini Lahiri

Shereen Jeyakumar                                       

Vicki Norton, MD                                                                   

Eno-Emem Okpokpo  

Alan Pillersdorf, MD  

Neil Shah

Arun Sunny

Charles Szuchan

For more information, contact Mindi Tingler at 561-433-3940 ext. 107 or at [email protected].