Circle of Friends

In order to add extra value to our membership, the Medical Society developed the Circle of Friends program, a group of carefully selected companies whose products or services are of interest to physicians. Many of these companies offer discounts, rebates and special promotions for our members. They also provide educational programs and a financial commitment to the Medical Society, which assist in our long range planning.

We encourage you to talk with our Circle of Friends when you’re looking for a service or product.

Palm Beach County Medical Society established the Circle of Friends program to invite businesses serving physicians and their staff to increase their visibility among our 1,400 members.

We have several packages to choose from and the benefits vary. However, all sponsorships include invitations to events, discounted sponsorships, dedicated webpage, access to member database, introduction letter, and a subscription to our award winning On Call magazine.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our Circle of Friends program and other sponsorship opportunities, please call Deanna Lessard at (561) 433-3940 ext 105 or e-mail [email protected].