Council on Communications and Technology

The Council on Communications and Technology shall handle communications to targeted audiences including members, prospects, allied organizations, government and the public; establish and maintain cooperation with communications media; develop programs to enhance adequate understanding between medical profession and the public; advise and coordinate editorial activities of On Call, the society’s official journal; oversight of web site, social marketing.


Council Members:

Ekaterina Kostioukhina, MD Chair

Martha M. Rodriguez MD Co-Chair          

Ankush Bansal, MD                                

Susan Fell                                                

Leon Fooksman                                       

William Gustave, MD                              

David Shulan, MD                                   


Medical Students

Kevin Abadi                                                    

Sanjay Chandrasekhar                                   

Divyesh Doddapaneni                                    

Megan Koenig                                                  

Alison Kohn                                                    

Vivian Hagerty                                               

Shereen Jeyakumar                                          

Rebecca Shin                

For more information, contact Mindi Tingler at 561-433-3940 ext. 107 or at [email protected]