MEDPAC Committee 

MEDPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the Palm Beach County Medical Society. Its goal is to support and elect pro-medicine candidates at the state and local levels. Every year, there are critical legislative votes made in Tallahassee that have a major impact on the practice of medicine. MEDPAC has proven to be a valuable asset in educating legislators about the concerns of medicine.

Who is MEDPAC?

Members of the PBCMS members, PBC Physicians, PBCMS Alliance, their families and their families can join MEDPAC.

What does MEDPAC do?

  • MEDPAC makes direct contributions to candidates seeking election to the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.
  • MEDPAC may also conduct independent expenditures, surveys, distribute direct mail or produce media support of a particular candidate.
  • MEDPAC offers political education programs.

Join Today. Dues are $100.

Please call us at 561-433-3940 for more information or email us at [email protected].

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We accept cash, check or major credit cards.

If paying by check, please make checks out to:

Palm Beach County Medical Society

Mail checks to:

Palm Beach County Medical Society
3540 Forest Hill Boulevard
Suite 101
West Palm Beach, FL 33406


2020 General Election Endorsed Candidates


Name of Candidate    Party Affiliation  Senate or House District #   

Gayle Harrell (I)


Senate District 25

Lori Berman(I)


Senate District 32

Tina Polsky


Senate District 29


Rick Roth


House District 85

John Snyder


House District 82

Mike Caruso (I)


House District 89

Kelly Skidmore


House District 81

Omari Hardy


House District 88

Matt Willhite


House District 86

Joe Cassello (I)


House District 90