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2019 Standing Committees

Committee on Bylaws Chair: Jack Zeltzer, MD 

The Committee on Bylaws shall review and maintain the governing documents of the organization, recommend proposed changes when necessary. 

Council on Communications & Technology Chair: Ekaterina Kostioukhina, MD

The Council on Communications and Technology shall handle communications to targeted audiences including members, prospects, allied organizations, government and the public; establish and maintain cooperation with communications media; develop programs to enhance adequate understanding between medical profession and the public; advise and coordinate editorial activities of On Call, the society’s official journal; oversight of web site, social marketing. 

Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs Chair: Kleper de Almeida, MD

The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs shall Investigate general or specific professional conditions and matters relating to the relations of physicians to one another, arbitrate matters between physicians and the public, resolve disputes between members of the Medical Society, direct and supervise activities of the Medical Society which pertain to educational programs and questions of medical ethics.

Council on Medical Education Chair: Henry Haire, MD

The Council on Medical Education shall be comprised of physician representation of Palm Beach County medical education programs.  The purpose of the council is to develop and implement strategies of medical education programs in Palm Beach County. 

Council on Advocacy & Legislation Chair: Andrew Berkman, MD

The Council on Legislation shall review proposed laws and rules pertaining to medicine and taking action to support or oppose issues that affect the organization and profession, work with the FMA to coordinate legislative activities, maintain and promote close relationships with elected officials, keep members informed with regard to legislation which may or will possibly affect the practice of medicine.

Council on Member Services Chair: James Heron, MD

Provides oversight to all membership sections. Review future members’ applications, conduct new members and membership retention campaigns, review and recommend membership categories and dues structure, coordinate tangible and intangible benefits, review membership. 

Council on Finance & Administration Chair: Dawn Davanzo, MD

The Council on Finance and Administration coordinates the board’s financial oversight responsibilities by recommending policy to the board, monitors financial records and reports, reviews annual budget and recommends it to the board for approval. The council also reviews Human Resource policies and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. The treasurer will serve as chair of the Council. 

PBCMS Services Liaison Chair: Michael Dennis, MD

The responsibility of the Services Liaison is to ensure effective communication and cooperation between PBCMS Board of Directors and PBCMS Services Board of Directors. 

FMA/AMA Liaison Chair: Alan Pillersdorf, MD

The responsibility of the FMA/AMA Liaison is to ensure effective communication and cooperation between PBCMS, the FMA and the AMA.

Women’s Physician Section Co-Chairs: Claudia Mason, MD & Leslie Perla, MD

The Women’s Physician Section shall encourage and assist women physicians to become more active in the society and address particular issues and opportunities faced by women physicians in both professional and personal settings.  

MEDPAC Chair: Stephen Babic, MD

The responsibilities of the MEDPAC Liaison is to ensure effective communication between MEDPAC and Palm Beach County Medical Society Board of Directors. 

Physician Wellness Task Force Chair, Shawn Baca, MD

The purpose of the Physician Wellness Task Force is to create a safe harbor for physicians to obtain care, avoid burnout, achieve work-life balance and an improved quality of life.