Danna-Gracey, Inc. is a boutique insurance specialist agency dedicated solely to medical malpractice insurance coverage placement for Florida physicians and surgeons, as well as placement of medical facilities’ and physician practices’ workers compensation coverage. Danna-Gracey is the only malpractice insurance brokerage firm endorsed by the Palm Beach County Medical Society.

With offices in Delray Beach, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville, Danna-Gracey works throughout the state on behalf of physicians — well beyond managing their insurance policy. By speaking, writing and lobbying in Tallahassee, we hope to effect positive change in the healthcare industry.

The experts at Danna-Gracey are well known throughout society as independent expert specialists in finding the most suitable malpractice insurance and workers compensation coverage for individual doctors and group practices.

For more information: [email protected] or (800) 966-2120.