PBCMSS Institute for Learning CHW Care Coordination Training objective is to provide students with the framework, tools and skills which are both necessary and needed to perform duties as care coordinators. The training will prepare individuals to provide patient centered support and assistance that improves the health of high-risk people often with chronic conditions. The role of the trained Care Coordinators will be to enhance the health care experiences of people receiving care. This will result in greater care plan adherence, improved health care experiences and lowering the costs of the care for the underserved and high-risk patients/clients. Potential work locations where graduates may be employed include long-term care facilities, physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and 501C3 non-profits.

Participants learn the scope of services for a community health worker care coordinator; key aspects about chronic medical conditions which afflict their patients/clients; lifestyle activities which improve health; knowledge about cultural competency; advocacy skills for community needs and services; communication skills to affirm patients’/clients’ rights; roles and responsibilities as well as communication strategies such as motivational interviewing. Evidence based training and field content will empower CHWs to provide improved patient care. 

Students must meet the minimum requirements for graduation within the program period. The classroom portion of the training is 27 hours in length and the lab portion is approximately 3 hours in length. Students must satisfactorily complete 27 classroom hours and 3 lab hours for certificate of program completion. 

Students who successfully complete both the classroom and clinical portions of the course, meet their financial obligations to the school, and maintain an average of 70% on post course evaluations will receive the full complement of education hours and content areas that is needed to fulfill the training requirements for Community Health Worker Certification. Community Health Worker Certification is offered through the Florida Certification Board, PBCMSS is a certified education provider for CHW Certification Training (#5284-A). PBCMSS Institute for Learning is licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. 

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The Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) designation is a credential for front-line health workers who, by virtue of their trusted status in the community, serve as a liaison, link and intermediary between health services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. Examples of job titles that are considered to be Community Health Worker positions include but are not limited to Promotores(as) de Salud; Community Health Educator; Health Communicator; Outreach Worker; or Health Advocate. Clock hours earned through PBCMSS Institute for Learning may be submitted to Florida Certification Board for Community Health Worker Certification training education hours. PBCMSS Institute for Learning CHW Care Coordination Training offers the full complement of education hours and content areas that are needed to fulfill the training requirements (30 clock hours) for the certification application as a community health worker.  

Florida CHW Certification  


The Florida Community Health Worker Coalition (FCHWC) is a tax exempt nonprofit organization championing for the advancement of the Community Health Worker (CHW) profession. To promote its mission and plans, the Coalition considers input from a variety of stakeholders through conference calls, focus groups, surveys of members, and by regions and its signature Annual Florida Community Health Worker Summit. 

The Coalition began in February 2011 as an initiative of the Policy, Environmental and Systems Change (PES) grant awarded to the Florida Department of Health. The grant supported creation of a task force to explore current research, including CHW models, curriculum, and best practices in order to create a viable market place for Community Health Workers. The CHW initiative aligns with the Governor-appointed Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council’s (CCRAB).  

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For more information contact Karen Harwood (561) 433-3940 #119 -  [email protected]  

Student Testimonials

“I enjoyed the classes and speakers."

"This training gave you me a better understanding on how to interact and understand patients.”

“Motivational Interviewing and Team Work Modules were very engaging …
and applicable to our roles and growth as professionals in the Community Health Worker field.”

“Each session contained valuable information for the CHW certification and to support patient centered care.”


Based on training received:

97% of students agree that “Patients are more honest regarding plan of care challenges” 

96% of students agree that  “They are more aware of community resources available help patients / clients who may need them” 

97% of students agree that “ They are more responsive to patient / client social support needs”

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