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Senators question why PBMs 'even exist' in heated hearing amid push for reform added 3/2023

The PBCMS’ Prescription Drug Price Transparency three week virtual series was held in October of 2022. The entire three part series can be found on the PBCMS YouTube page or click below to watch. 

Click here to watch Robert Levin, MD present "How Did Drug Prices Get So High? 

Click here to watch Toni Large present "Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) Reform: The Secret Middle Man That's Gobbling Up The Health Care Dollar."

Click here to watch Stevi Jenkins-Kelly, PHARMD and Shawn Baca, MD presenting “How Patients Can Save Money Now By Working With Their Doctors and Pharmacists."


Check to see if the pharmacy is safe and legal in your state. You can find out if the online pharmacy is licensed to do business in your state at

Avoid Fraudulent Online Pharmacies  from AARP added November 2022

Report problems with online pharmacies or the unlawful sale of drugs  to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at

Viewpoint, August 19, 2022

New Reforms to Prescription Drug Pricing in the US Opportunities and Challenges, Journal of the American Medical Association 

Frustrated pharmacists are opting out of the insurance system, saving some customers hundreds of dollars a month. A small but growing number of "cash" pharmacies take no insurance, instead selling generic drugs, often at far lower prices than customers pay with insurance.

Read in NBC News: 

ATAP Advocates-Alliance for Transparent & Affordable coalition of provider and patient groups concerned about the practices of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) driving up drug costs. 

Alliance for Transparent & Affordable Prescriptions Issues Public Comment to FTC 

Mergers between health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers could be bad for your health By Barak Richman and Kevin Schulman June 1, 2018. 

Mergers between health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers could be bad for your health 

PBM ABUSES National Community Pharmacists Associations 

The Middlemen of Healthcare, Aug 2, 2022  Dr. Glaucomflecken. This funny video explains PBMS  and the problems with vertical integration. 

ARTICLE MAY 11, 2022 State Policies To Address Prescription Drug Affordability Across the Supply Chain 

Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug, PBS  

Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Cost Drug Company Disrupt the Pharma Industry? | WSJ 

Insurance Coverage and PBMs, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America