Dear Society Members,   

The Palm Beach County Medical Society Strategic planning process concluded and was approved by the Board in May 2022. We now need volunteers to assist in TWO projects that are relevant and timely, In addition we seek delegates for FMA representation. 


We need volunteers to become involved to shape the content of the program, and volunteers who wish to speak to groups for informational sessions regarding the roles of Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Drug manufacturers, Drug Distributors, Pharmacies, and Pricing of prescribed medication. Dr. Shawn Baca and Dr. Ramon Cuevas-Trisan head this group. Much has been written about this, but is in fragmented form. Our goal is to gather information and present it in understandable form and educate and advocate where necessary. As a volunteer, time commitment is under your control. 


We know that physicians will transition from residency to practice models, between practice models, move, retire, and reenter practice. PBCMS is committed to support you in this process. Our Circle of Friends have taken point on this project to describe the types of advice and assistance needed. We look forward to launching this on our website shortly. We need volunteer mentors who have been through career transitions to offer support to physicians who reach out to PBCMS. Since you are a volunteer, the time commitment can be a little as a one to two hour conference or ongoing as you desire. 

FMA meeting delegate August 2022 in Orlando
Our strength is in our numbers and ability to show force at the annual FMA meetings. If you are interested in attending August 5-7 Grand Hyatt Cypress. We need to fill our delegate allocation. 

Interested parties please contact [email protected].

With thanks to our membership,  

Claudia Mason MD, President